About the Author

Hi there! My name is Rebekah Womble. I’m a 29-year-old Christian, wife, and mother living in Georgia.

I’m also a SAHM (stay-at-home mama), a blogger (hence this website!), and an online English teacher with VIPKID! In May 2016, by God’s gracious providence, I married my wonderful husband, David! And in June 2017, God also blessed us with our sweet boy, Owen James! I love our family, and they are my priority, second to Christ.


Above: Celebrating Owen’s first birthday! We need to have another family photo session soon!

The Lord graciously saved me during my sophomore year of college. Over time as I’ve studied theology, I’ve come to hold Reformed Presbyterian convictions. I affirm the WCF (Westminster Confession of Faith), which you can read here. But that doesn’t mean my writings are only for RPs like myself! Not at all! They are meant for any and all women to read. Mainly, my articles and reviews will be shaped by my beliefs in God’s sovereignty and the true gospel of Jesus Christ–that we are saved by faith alone, through Christ alone, by His atoning death for our sins and resurrection from the grave.

My Testimony

The story of my transformation is not unlike any other Christian’s story, but God’s providential working in my life is worth sharing.

I spent my early years as a city kid in Philadelphia with my parents and younger sister. Our environment fit all the stereotypes–poverty, drugs, and violence surrounded us and even entered into our home. I heard a few Bible stories from my parents but did not know anything about Jesus except that he had a beard, and was going to beat Satan up on the last day. Then, when I was ten years old, my mother died unexpectedly, and soon after my father became very ill and could no longer work. (He passed away ten years later.) So my sister and I moved in with our grandparents in Delaware. That is where I lived until I was 18 years old.

Outwardly I seemed like a good kid–never snuck out or experimented with drugs or went to parties. I had straight A’s and got scholarships to go to college. The only problem: my rebellious, stony heart. Inwardly I had lots of hate and bitterness against others, especially my own family. I also was angry at God for taking my parents from me. I finally moved out when I was 18 and came face to face with the real world. By the time I entered college in 2008, I had squandered much of my savings, got into bad relationships, and was estranged from my relatives. I was the prodigal daughter who thought her own choices could save her. Oh, how wrong I was!

“But God, being rich in mercy, because of the great love with which he loved [me], even when [I was] dead in [my] trespasses, made [me] alive together with Christ—by grace [I] have been saved—” Those words from Ephesians 2:4-5 sum up what God did in the next chapter of my story. He chose to show grace and love to me, a great sinner, and He cleansed me and made me new.

It was when I was a sophomore in college that God saved me, through an organization called InterVarsity Christian Fellowship. Since then, God has brought reconciliation between me and my family, and a lot of healing of past hurt. Most of all, He has forgiven me of my sins, and caused me to love and worship Him. Though I was His enemy, now I am His friend–all by His grace, for His glory!