Girl, Wash Your Face

When a book is labeled "Christian nonfiction," yet manages to climb the ladder to become a #1 New York Times Bestseller, it's only natural for questions to arise. Maybe that's why I first heard of this book from Facebook, where I saw a myriad of Christian women asking, "All my friends are reading this--is it … Continue reading Girl, Wash Your Face


The Broken Way

What you think about suffering--and how to deal with it--speaks volumes about your theology and your relationship with God. It's no wonder why Ann Voskamp has written her newest book, The Broken Way, to address this topic. Everyone is acquainted with grief and sorrow; everyone wonders at times, "Why is God doing this in my life?" … Continue reading The Broken Way

Without Rival

I have no doubt that Lisa Bevere and I have some things in common. After reading her bestselling book, Without Rival, I can safely say we share some of the same struggles and passions. She admits to wrestling with pride, comparison, and fear of man in her every day life. Similarly, I often care far too … Continue reading Without Rival

Restless: Because You Were Made For More

I've felt restless many times in my life. Restless as a college student, holed up in my dorm, studying and counting down the months until I'd be released into the "real world"... Restless as a young teacher, bright-eyed and naive, watching helplessly as my plans to save students from self-destruction slipped right through my fingers... Restless as a … Continue reading Restless: Because You Were Made For More


I saw the film War Room not long after it debuted in theaters. The premise--that broken families need to turn to God for repentance and change--was one I supported wholeheartedly. And while certain aspects of the movie were good and enjoyable to watch, major theological problems still dominated the screen. Among those issues: a wrong or ineffective view of … Continue reading Fervent