How Should We Deal with False Teachers?

They're everywhere! Or at least, it seems that way sometimes. If your social media feeds and news stories look anything like mine, you know what I mean--article after article featuring today's false teachers, written either to promote them, or expose them. Many are rich and famous. Some are less well-known. They are nicely dressed, charismatic speakers. Under … Continue reading How Should We Deal with False Teachers?


Trade in Self-Esteem for Christ-Esteem

What do we do when we're bogged down by self-loathing thoughts? When our own minds hurl cruel insults and harsh condemnations at us, causing us to despair and doubt that God could really love us? If you struggle with these things, I'm not here to tell you to just "get over it." Nor am I going … Continue reading Trade in Self-Esteem for Christ-Esteem

Why “Positive Thinking” Is Not Biblical Thinking

I used to listen to the radio on my way to work, and the station I tuned into was a local Christian one. Their slogan claimed that they played, not biblically-sound songs, but "positive hits." I would always think to myself: What in the world does that mean? Has being "positive" somehow become an acceptable substitute for Christianity today? … Continue reading Why “Positive Thinking” Is Not Biblical Thinking

Has “Be Authentic” Replaced “Be Holy”?

Fill in the blank: A Christian's life ought to be most characterized by ________. Here are your choices. A) Holiness. B) Authenticity. Which did you choose? While (A) may seem like the obvious answer, the popular pick among many Christian teachers, authors, and leaders today appears to be (B). And if we're not careful, we're likely to fall … Continue reading Has “Be Authentic” Replaced “Be Holy”?

The “Vaguely Christian But Still Cool” Starter Pack

So you want Jesus... but you're not ready to say no to the world and its approval. You want the get-out-of-hell-free card, and that good-person-aura... but not the full-fledged commitment to God's Word. You want the benefits of being "spiritual," the cushion of a family religion, and all the other perks of being labeled a "Christian"... without … Continue reading The “Vaguely Christian But Still Cool” Starter Pack