Restless: Because You Were Made For More

I've felt restless many times in my life. Restless as a college student, holed up in my dorm, studying and counting down the months until I'd be released into the "real world"... Restless as a young teacher, bright-eyed and naive, watching helplessly as my plans to save students from self-destruction slipped right through my fingers... Restless as a … Continue reading Restless: Because You Were Made For More


Women of the Word

How refreshing it is to find an author who respects your intelligence! Sadly, these authors today seem to be few and far between. But at last, here in Jen Wilkin we have a female writer with a mature, articulate style--free of the silly, girly chit-chat others today are using in abundance, often to emotionally manipulate their audience (as … Continue reading Women of the Word