5 Moments We Forget the Gospel (And Don’t Even Realize It)

You wouldn't think something as simple, yet central, as the gospel would be easy to forget... right? But it's true that all of us--from the "baby Christian" to the veteran believer--can find ourselves losing sight of the most precious Truth, on a daily basis! First, allow me to summarize the good news of Jesus Christ … Continue reading 5 Moments We Forget the Gospel (And Don’t Even Realize It)


Scatter the Darkness of Abortion

...with the light of Christ-centered womanhood. Much has already been said these days about the horrific reality of abortion--the violent murder of innocent babies in the womb. We could spend pages and pages (and article after article) saying more. It's crucial for the Church to be aware and informed about this. To not just know, … Continue reading Scatter the Darkness of Abortion

I Spy Femininity: 6 Things It’s Not

I'll admit it: I struggle to fully know what it means to be female. Growing up, I was a "girly-girl": think dolls, playing dress-up, and pink everything. And for a while that's all I thought femininity was about. I never realized how complicated it could be. Anatomically, it's simple. No matter what the world says amidst today's "gender confusion," God … Continue reading I Spy Femininity: 6 Things It’s Not